Wanna Pilates?


Aline Studios

My name is Tracy Fitzpatrick, I’m a certified Mobility Specialist and have been training people for over 30 years.

I've taken all that I know and together with my clients created an environment where you could do it all in an atmosphere that is respectfully geared to your needs AT YOUR LEVEL.

  The work we do is devoted to body conditioning but half my business is made up of people who suffer from pain and or mobility issues.

Our work includes:

Pilates equipment and mat


FRC® Functional Range Conditioning


Lotte Berk based (original bar work)

Aline HIIT training



Creates hand tailored Pilates and Yoga workouts
— LA Yoga
one of the rare studios....the hardest exercise I’ve ever done....I feel awesome.
— Squeeze OC
A different way to look at training in Pilates and Yoga...
— OC Metro
...the class is never the same...tricep torturing...seasoned Pilates enthusiasts won’t be bored...a worthwhile challenge
— OC Register