Wanna Pilates?


    Aline Studios a different way to look at training in Pilates, Yoga and Gyrotonic Newport Beach

I wanted to create a studio that breaks the boundaries of traditional Yoga, Pilates or Gyrotonic Studios. 

I wanted an environment where you could do it all instead of just one thing. 

     Our work includes Pilates fitness on all the equipment and Pilates mat, mat Hatha Yoga and even some fun variations on the equipment. Gyrotonic includes equipment,  and Gyrokinesis yoga.  I also teach Lotte Berk based (original bar work), stretch/contortion, body weight, and HIIT training with a twist. You would literally have to have memberships or packages to 3 or 4 different places to get all that you get just coming here.

  Half my business is body conditioning the other half is my love of people who have issues with their tissues. 

     I have designed specific programs for pre/post natal, injury prevention/recovery, pre/post rehab, and chronic pain or illnesses. Most people that have more chronic conditions, are recovering, or just starting to get back into shape typically start with privates but you don't have to.


We are not your ordinary Gyrotonic or Pilates Studio in Newport Beach come see why.

Creates hand tailored Pilates and Yoga workouts
— LA Yoga
one of the rare studios....the hardest exercise I’ve ever done....I feel awesome.
— Squeeze OC
A different way to look at training in Pilates and Yoga...
— OC Metro
...the class is never the same...tricep torturing...seasoned Pilates enthusiasts won’t be bored...a worthwhile challenge
— OC Register

Love moving.