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"When I looked around the web, I noticed that so many teachers and studio owners didn't have the years of experience in the field of background in movement I myself would look for in a teacher. So many trainers were in the business world first, took Pilates, and loved it simply for the exercise. There's nothing wrong with that approach but my journey is different, it's a lifelong commitment to movement, analyzing, developing programs, dissecting movement, breaking it down for the client, and I began to realize that I truly had something special and something different to offer.


I teach sensationally, meaning I teach you what you're supposed to feel so you are feeling and doing each movement in tandem. Most people just teach Pilates exercises and the students or clients mimic the movements, but there is so much more than that.

It's like the difference between the everyday athletic person and a dancer. If a dancer and that person were working out in a gym chances are you would notice the dancer, the flow of movement, the focus of the intent, the aim towards total concentration on what he or she is doing. A "normal" person may be able to work out and talk on the phone the whole time, but you wouldn't be able to do that in a  Pilates or Gyrotonic's class.

Pilates and Gyrotonic are techniques that teach people the concentration and control of the body a dancer has. The core movement and engagement of muscles with integration of breath changes the way a person moves and changes the way a person tones their muscles. And the core isn't just your abs, every part of your body has a core so it's the core of whatever movement you're doing.

Your body is a beautiful, integrated, ever-evolving machine. It deserves to the be the best it can be, and so do you, and I'm committed to helping you achieve that.








Who we are...

For the past 24 years, master trainer and teacher Tracy Fitzpatrick has been channeling her passion for Pilates and yoga into an involved, creative process designing comprehensive workouts for her clients. By working one on one or in small groups, Tracy keeps the work highly specialized, ensuring each and every person gets the attention – and training – they deserve. If you're interested in Pilates teacher training or private or small group yoga and Pilates classes in Newport Beach, Aline Studios is ready and waiting to open your eyes to a whole new world of exceptional and thoughtful techniques that will instill the discipline you need to get the healthy, strong, beautiful mind and body you crave.

What we do...

Using both our expertise and the specific needs, limitations, and goals of each client, we design one-of-a-kind workouts integrating a combination of Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Yoga, Dance, Barre, Stretching, and our own Aline Technique. Our approach is a combination of teaching and training; we teach you the proper techniques and form while training you to strive towards your goals for rapid, phenomenal results.

How to get started....

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