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Aline Studios a different way to look

at training your body.

We are no ordinary studio, focus is on private and semi private training with expert instruction, and NO CLASS SCHEDULE, means you book a time that works for you.  We're located near the 55 & 73 fwys in Newport Beach with ample parking on site.

Aline Studios has several defining features that set us apart.  

For our fitness clients, we have unique program designs where we combine disciplines including Pilates, Gyrotonic, Yoga, Gyrokinesis, Lotte Berk based, stretch and body weight and HIIT training.  This style of programming is one of a kind, result driven, and focus is on results including stamina, strength, endurance, fat loss, ROM, and an ability to workout even if you have injuries or issues.  Workouts rarely repeat,  you are constantly challenged, never bored, and results usually surpass goals.

For our clients who want to focus on studying these disciplines we have traditional programs of training where you can focus on one discipline at  time and really learn it from the ground up.  

For clients who face physical challenges due to injuries, surgeries, pain, lack of mobility or strength we have active rehab programs to help you get back to health.

For clients who want to teach we have an incredible Pilates Teacher Education and Certification Programs

So there is something for everyone!

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Intro Special for new clients 10% off any package of 8

Creates hand tailored workouts
— LA Yoga
one of the rare studios....the hardest exercise I’ve ever done....I feel awesome.
— Squeeze OC
A different way to look at training...
— OC Metro
...the class is never the same...tricep torturing...seasoned Pilates enthusiasts won’t be bored...a worthwhile challenge
— OC Register

Turn your weaknesses into strengths.