About Tracy Fitzpatrick

I began as a dancer at age 10.  By age 16 I was already teaching classes, and by 17 I was a pro.  I received scholarships from companies, and colleges.  I danced for several dance companies, before becoming artistic director of my own award winning company.  Worried about retirement at age 27,  I completed a degree in dance while still working as a professional dancer, choreographer, and producer, oh yeah and a single mother.

Pilates happened by accident, stumbling upon a book and a few small studios in Los Angeles.  In 1988, Pilates was relatively unknown to the masses, information was scarce, and only a few studios existed at the time.  By 1990 my teacher came to this country and he was also a dancer. We worked together, he danced for my company, we became close friends.  As he began to develop a Pilates Training program I  knew it was time to get serious.  I took up study with a 2 year apprenticeship and achieved  an 'old school personal certification'. 

By 1991 I opened one of the first three Pilates studios in Orange County.  By the mid 90's I added my own Lotte Berk based barre training, GYROTONIC®, and Pilates Certification.  With Aline programs flourishing I opened successful Pilates programs for Yoga Place (now Yoga Works), Lakeshore Towers (now 24hr Fitness), The Girls Gym, Revolution Studio, The Vintage Country Club, and other physical therapy, gyms, and yoga studios.  

I expanded my work to professional athletes by training the mens Pro/Am surf team at Quiksilver and was invited to Hawaii to train the women's Roxy Pro team and happily watched as they took back their title.

I am highly sought after for helping people with chronic issues and am a certified mobility specialist FRCms®

 Autodidactic by nature, I study anatomy, and research nutrition and wellness profusely.  I have maintained a slow and consistent journey of learning how to help people heal themselves.  

Over years of experience and having worked with hundreds of clients, I have developed sound and proven programs to help people with chronic pain, debilitating back problems, recovery from surgery, fibromyalgia, Harrington Rods and scoliosis, pelvic floor weakness and incontinence, diastasis recti, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, and autoimmune illnesses.