Can anyone do the Aline program?

Yes.  You can be any age, shape, or fitness level, sessions are open to everyone.  The Aline program includes work on all the Pilates,  Gyrotonic apparatus, and floor work.  We also do Pilates based calisthenics, yoga, FRC, Lotte Berk based exercises, and so much more.  Since there are so many types of exercises we do, there is something for everyone in a workout.  

What if I have injuries?

Let us know.  If the work is new to you, its always good to start with a few privates first.  By working one on one you will learn more about the work in depth. You will also get a better understanding of what your body can or cannot do. I can retrain you so you get can back up to speed and do what you love or just help you to do what you do....better.

What kind of results will I get?

This is the best part about Aline Studios.  You can expect weight loss, increased flexibility, stamina, endurance, and coordination. I has a unique way of training where you can look fit and toned, be very flexible, and not increase your size.  Clients always comment on how much the work improves their spinning, running, hiking, and golf. 

How is Gyrotonic different than Pilates?

Gyrotonic picks up where Pilates ends.  Pilates is about isolating movements while integrating them into a held core system which includes the pelvis, spine, and core.  Pilates exercises are a strict discipline created over 100 years ago so they are a course of study as well.  Gyrotonic has similar attributes except that the core system moves.  Exercises are more integrative, complex, and take the body into planes of movement where Pilates doesn't go.  Gyrotonic has its own specialized equipment which is very different than Pilates equipment.  Both disciplines are amazing and produce wonderful results such as long, lean muscles,  deep core strength, improved flexibility,  and increased muscle definition without bulk.  You become a more efficient calorie burning machine.  Aline Studios founder and ex-dancer Tracy Fitzpatrick always says, "Pilates is like ballet and Gyrotonic is like modern dance".  We love them both!  

What is FRC®

Functional Range Conditioning is a trademarked system of mobility and joint control training, which, unlike many current systems, is based in scientific principals and research…In any particular articulation there exists both a passive, as well as an active range of motion. FRC uses a system of joint movements called CARS and PAILS/RAILS. CARS are active, rotational movements at the outer limits of articular motion done with tension and control. The joint capsule is the first line of communication between joint and the brain, and rotation is the best way to interact with the capsule. PAILS/RAILSare training protocols designed to increase range of motion by combining strength and stretching. The intent is to get the brain to utilize as many motor units as possible to achieve a specific movement. 'ILs' stand for isometric loading (this is the strength part)

How to book an appointment

I work by appointment and book in clients when they are available.  To book an appointment you can register for a class on our website, or text or call us at (714)-316-8193 we will get back to you the same business day.