Pilates Studio competition

Pilates The Business of Selling Passion

With the uprise in franchise reformer class studios there has been a shift in how Pilates is perceived in the marketplace in price and quality.  Clients that attend reformer franchises might be led to believe that Pilates begins and ends on the reformer.  Small full service studios are left pinched by the low prices these high volume studios can offer.  These issues can be challenging to the egos of small studios as they try to take their rightful place  in the competition for new clients.

Becoming a Pilates studio owner is a calling, so if you saw the light, then half your battle is over. You have passion and that is what sells in this business.

Passion in the Pilates business runs two-fold in house and outside the studio.  In house, don't worry about selling Pilates, 10 sessions will do that.  The integrity of how you train your clients, and run your business are the cornerstones of your success.  It helps to keep your studio spotless,  and teach like there is no tomorrow.  

Outside your studio is the where the other kind of passion comes in handy.  Your belief in who you are and what you are offering needs to get out to the world.  Okay, maybe the world is too big, but a two to five mile radius around your studio you can handle.   It is so important to get out and meet people  in your area.  Meeting the owners, managers, and people who live and work near you is such an easy way to start letting the world know about you and your business.  Meeting others who are also passionate about what they do is inspiring, and when you get in a room of like-minded people it can transform you. 

You build your business one person at a time by sharing who you are and your passion for Pilates with your community.  When you focus on sharing yourself, there is no competition because although studios may be larger and offer cheaper rates, they don't have YOU.  There is only one of you, and that no one else can sell.

Tracy Fitzpatrick, Aline Studios